Telechron Buyers' Guide

There's lots of things that can be wrong with the Telechron or GE clock your considering.  Some are easy to spot (like most damage) but some are quite tricky.  This guide should help you, not by showing you these specific problems but by opening your eyes to the kinds of things that could  be wrong with a clock.
Here's an easy one to start.  The plastic crystal should clip onto the front plate with little integrated tabs (I think).  The mirror mounts on the front of the clock are better than losing the crystal but wrong.
This 201 should have either been stained brown or painted white.  Someone stripped the case.  (Not that it isn't nice...)
Seems OK but--what's that?? a chrome bezel?  That's wrong for the 2F01.
This 454 seems nice but look closer....
The minute hand is a replacement (doesn't look like a Telechron part either!)
Someone didn't like the teeny decoration this Knickerbocker originally had so they added this lovely brass one.

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