Telechron Buyers' Guide

There's lots of things that can be wrong with the Telechron or GE clock your considering.  Some are easy to spot (like most damage) but some are quite tricky.  This guide should help you, not by showing you these specific problems but by opening your eyes to the kinds of things that could  be wrong with a clock.
Looks good at first... Then-- Is that an alarm hand on this 2F02? It is!  Turn it over and you confirm that indeed, someone has added a Telechron alarm clock movement.  Oh, well.  At least it can't get any worse... What?  They installed the movement upside-down???
This 2H14 looks pretty modernistic in gleaming stainless steel.  Only problem is, THEY DIDN'T COME THAT WAY.  Needs paint.
Jeffrey looks pretty good all stripped down and refinished... But something's different.  Uh, oh--wrong dial!
Where's the rich Moroccan leather on my Cordova ? --and what's with these ridiculous handles?
It's a shame.  This Petite looks almost perfect but that little flower can't cover up the big crack running right down the center.

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