The Telechron /General Electric clock book, "Electrifying Time" is in! It covers nearly all models of G.E.'s and Telechrons from 1917 to the 1950's.  The author is Jim Linz who penned the fine book, Art Deco Chrome (which you should buy!).  It will feature information on designers, lots of cool pictures and some surprises.  Jim has traveled up and down the East Coast (where time was, you couldn't swing a dead Airlux without hitting an electric clock company), to learn all he could about Telechron and General Electric clocks.

...lots and lots of color pictures (430) of G.E. and Telechron clocks (and some black and white shots too--900 pics in all a 250 pages of Telechron and G.E. stuff!)
...who designed your favorite model (Here's a preview:  Russel Wright didn't design the 2H39
           Paul Frankl didn't design the 700 and Rockwell Kent didn't design any!) to bring Telechron rotors back from the dead (creepy!)
... models you never knew existed --and some that NEVER DID! (Huh?)
...actual facts and figures for your favorite (and them other) models including:
    DATES of production!
    original selling PRICES!
    PRODUCTION figures!
    DIMENSIONS often accurate to 1/16 of an inch!  (hokey smoke!)
... an actual Telechron autopsy (Eeeewww...) with all the parts laid out and identified fer ya!
...My name in print! (ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz...)