Fake "Black Americana"/"Negro"/"Sambo" clocks

I'm not here to start investigating why clocks with a caricature of a black person go for so much money.  I'm just here trying open people's eyes.  Most, if not all of what you see below are the work of one (*^#@ in the Pennsylvania area who turns these clocks out factory style.  The show up on Ebay with frightening regularity.  When you see one, check to see where the seller is; it's even money they're within a few hours of the Keystone State.

With even a cheap scanner and color printer, any low-born, no-account, white trash, fatherless lowlife can turn out fake clock dials and stick them on inexpensive clocks.  Then, that odd segment of the population that collect things like Little Black Sambo clocks will give a week's pay for a five-dollar clock.  Don't be a simp!

    2H20 "Epicure"  (intr. 1947)   Fake.

    2H103 "Cupboard" (intr. 1955)   Fake, fake.

   2H103  "Cupboard"  (intr.1955)    Like this style better???

   1HA1608 (ca. 1940's)  Starting to see a pattern??

  2150 "Scallop" (late 1960's)  Actually says "Copywrite 1942" on the bottom of her skirt.

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