Fakes Page 2 --More "Black Clocks"

Want more?  We're just getting warmed up.  These are just a tiny percent of the fake clocks for sale on Ebay every week.

  2H02  "New Hostess" (early 1950's, this one)  What the heck is "Little Black Popeye"?  I've BEEN to Chester, IL and I can tell you, Popeye was a white cat.

2H13 "Patron"  (intr. 1941)  Here's the same clock that made it to Ebay twice.  Here's my impression of how that went:
Ted: "Hey, Bob!  Check out my 'Little Black Popeye" clock.
Bob:  "Ted, you're an idiot for buying such an obvious fake.  Does your wife let you have access to the checkbook?  Geez..."
Ted:  "Fake, huh?  I have an idea how I can get my money back..."

7H118 "Troubador" (intr. 1940)  Naturally, the Gold Dust Co. wouldn't mind a couple of clock hands obscuring the tiny logo...  There's that same dial pattern again.

4H74 "Chantilly"  (intr. 1937)   What the heck was this supposed to be?  Too bad; the "Chantilly" was a super clock.

Why stop now?