Fakes Page 5 --Yes, more "Black Clocks"

  These are just a tiny percent of the fake clocks for sale on Ebay every week.

2150 "Scallop" (1960's)  Why so many fakes using this model?  Easy-- you can buy these on Ebay for $2 any day.
2H08  (intr. 1937)  Not only a fake dial but a quartz movement.  WOW!-- it's fake!
2F38 "Helper" (intr. 1954)  These Aunt Jemima clocks seem to originate in the TX area.
2H106  "Keynote"  (intr. 1956)  In case you were wondering, yes, it's fake.
2H27  "Advisor"  (intr. 1949)  Thought I'd make it a clean sweep.  All fake Aunt Jemima clocks on this page.