Fakes Page 6 -- Fake 1939 World's Fair Clocks

  These are easy to spot as fakes--all you have to know is what years these clocks were available.

7H118 "Troubador" (intr. ca. 1941)  Didn't miss by much but it's still a FAKE!
7H93 "Talisman"  (intr. 1939)  So how do I know it's fake?  Well, this model's light can't exactly shine through the fake paper dial.  Also, because I'm a genius.  FAKE!
3H155 "Glamour" (intr. 1947)  Oops!.  Missed by a little.  FAKE!
7H154  "Chantilly"  (intr. 1945)  FAKE!
7H133  "Embassy"  (intr. 1945)  Fake, FAKE, Faaaaaake! 

Do you get it?  Are you beginning to understand?  Is it starting to occur to you that maybe there are people out there going out of their way to cheat you and ruin alot of clocks in the process?

More Soon.  There's no chance of me running out of examples to show you.