Pappy's Favorite Links   Need a Telechron rotor to fix your old favorite Telechron or GE clock?  See Dave!

   Yes, there is still an electric clock company in New England! 

    Bill's Clockworks   Westclox and Telechron site run by friend, the TV star, Bill Stoddard.

  Take time to get to know the Father of Electric Time, Henry Warren 

               Antique Electronic Supply   find Novus polish cheap and get those lamps for your 711.


    Clocks were just one of the THOUSANDS of industries we've lost.  How can we keep from losing more?

Art of          Manliness     The Art of Manliness.  One visit and you may be hooked.  Check it out.

        Some of my Restoration Heroes on YouTube

   Don't recognize the "bakelite" logo?  You need to pay a visit to Jools and get schooled.