Telechron Clocks Can Take It!

Telechron Clock Survives Plane Crash!
Mrs. John F. Gibbons writes us as follows in explanation of the "Pharaoh" Model (No. 4F61) clock pictured (above).  "This clock was in the luggage compartment of a plane which crashed in the Illionois River Jan 11, 1937.  The plane was not recovered until the evening of January 16.   The case was broken but the clock has kept perfect time since being returned last January".
The model 2F01 kitchen clock shown here was on duty in the kitchen of Mr. P.J. Danner's house in St. Louis, Missouri, busily measuring out the minutes when the house caught fire.
But--let Mr. Danner tell about it:
"Last week we had a fire in my house and this clock was above the hottest part of it.  The glass melted away and the composition frame around the face burned off; but the clock still continues to run."
We sent for the clock, tested it and now it's in our museum--still functioning!  It pays to buy TELECHRON CLOCKS!

Telechron clocks can "take it"!  This standard model no. 1F312 bronze, commercial clock stuck to its job on the wall of a burning restaurant last month until the meter board was burned out.  It was sprayed--and thoroughly soaked by a fire hose.  The crystal was knocked out by an insurance investigator searching for some clue to the approximate time of the fire's outbreak--and proved it was telling the truth by starting off merrily when it was removed from the wall and attached to an energized outlet.  That's TELECHRON DEPENDABILITY!

Not Modernistic!

No--this isn't a modernistic clock design.  It's a Telechron commercial wall model (1L312 Illuminated Dial)!  It all happened this way:  In the Ashland factory, there's a large elevator operating between the basement and the first floor.  Clock were being hauled up in the regular trays especially constructed for such purposes.  An employee pushed one off and lo!--a new clock design was born as shown in the picture!  We don't recommend your trying to stop elevators with Telechron clocks but the fact remains... this clock still runs merrily if not beautifully on!


...And What Might This Be?!!!

Mr. J.P. Haddock, Gneral Merchandising Department, Canadian General Electric Company, Toronto, sent us this interesting information:
"The Central Indoor Parking Garage is owned and operated by the Robert Simpson's Company Department Store and is located just across the road on one of the main streets in the city of Toronto.  Over the main entrance of the garage is located a standard weatherproof Illuminated Telechron Clock with 18-inch dial and No. 41 movement.  The other day a large truck endeavored to park itself in this garage, but was a little too high for the doorway and 'struck the garage in the Telechron'.  The results are shown above."
"The glass suffered complete failure.  The Telechron was knocked off the wall but the wires were not disconnected.  When examination was made, the hands were operating normally and indicating the correct time.  It was only necessary to supply a new pair of hands and mount the movement in a new case and place same into position."
"The Telechron was replaced and is today operating as all good Telechrons do and telling the world the correct time."

Telechrons Never Die!

  Recently a shipment of metal case commercial model Telechrons left Ashland for Dallas, Texas.  The Mallory Line Steamship Brazos, which was carrying this shipment, caught fire near Galveston, Texas and considerable damage was done to all cargo aboard. 

    One can readily see from the photograph below, showing four of the shipment that survived, how badly damaged they were by the fire as well as by steam and salt water which was used to extinguish it.  But... they still go!... and keep accurate time!



Charlie Schneider, one of the Company's oldest and most beloved employees, met with a real tragedy early in the spring when his home on Main Street, Ashland, caught fire and did considerable damage.  Mr. & Mrs. Schneider plan to move back into his house this week, after having much time, effort and expense in making repairs. 
 'Twas as tough an experience as one can have, and we're glad you'll soon be reorganized.  To the left is a Telechron Clock which had done many years' duty in their home.  It went through the blaze like a soldier, and came out marred and baked, --but withal it still runs!  This is one case where a picture does too much justice to the actual object!  The clock looks a mess-and-a-half, but friends, --IT STILL GOES!

Fires May Come and Fires May Go

But, there's no question about the heat of THIS fire!  The pictures tell an adequate story in that respect!  This was the Milford, Mass. Junior High School Auditorium (Robert R. Cook, architect).  The Carlisle Electric Company of Boston, electrical contractors and the Electric Time Company (Telechron standard and special clock distributors in Boston) installed and sold this school a clock system last year, consisting of a Telechron MDMR (Manual Dual Motor Resetting) System consisting of 44 clocks, one program instrument and central control equipment.  A major fire recently destroyed the main portion of this school building, and the lower illustration gives you some idea of the punishment taken by the Telechron Clocks.  After the structure cooled off, inspectors found the clocks would still run! (1937)