Here's the clock everyone's been asking me about.

It's official name was the #6 Ad Clock.  (No, I don't know what became of ad clocks #'s 1-5.)  Not in the regular clock line but they made alot of money for the company.   Just going by the prices these things bring, I wonder if Telechron couldn't make a comeback just marketing these.  (NOTE: beware of Chinese reproductions.)

  G.E. just called it the "Refrigerator".

Another common Telechron product not in the regular clock line.  You got one of these free when you bought a General Electric Monitor Top refrigerator.  For some reason, you always find the backs of these clocks stripped down to bare brass but they should be painted white too.

Carstairs White Seal ad clock 
The case was made by a company call Bronzart from New York.  Carstairs White Seal is whiskey --or was.  I don't know if they still make it.  I'm a milk drinker myself.  I suspect this clock is from the post-War 1940's if only because it's got the hands and similar dial to the Gracewood.  I'm guessing these spent most of their existence on a bar somewhere.  (You couldn't put it behind the bar, dial's too small...)

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