1B515  Commercial Clock

CASE — Metal, statuary bronze lacquer finish with bronze finished pendant resetting knob or white lacquer finish with nickel finished pendant resetting knob.  Convex crystal. DIAL — 1 5" metal.  Gray background, black characters on a light cream numeral band.  Hands — Metal, black enamel lacquer finish; red sweep seconds hand.  CORD-8 ft. attached—all rubber.  Telechron clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service.  OUTSIDE DIAMETER 18 5/8 " DEPTH 3"

I almost wouldn't have minded going to school if I'd had something like this to stare at all day.

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 1L515  Gas Tube Illuminated Commercial Clock

Telechron's "Employee Suggestion System"
COMPANIES manufacturing such products as house furnishings, wearing apparel or anything else which their employees desire for their own use may take a tip from the Warren Telechron Company's plan of offering electric clocks to employees who submit useful ideas.  A couple of months ago the company announced what it calls the  "Employee Suggestion System," with prizes for "new ideas pertaining to engineering, manufacturing, general safety, working conditions, conduct, health, equipment, elimination of waste, improvement of sales methods, etc."  A suggestion committee of five people was appointed to meet at least once a week and consider all suggestions submitted.  According  to the announcement, "Every company employee is eligible except officers and department heads in charge of engineering, production, manufacturing, accounting and sales departments."  In the issue of the employee publication, The Synchronuze, following the announcement, the names of the first five prize winners were published, together with their prizes. 
From American Business 1935