1L312  Day and Night Model

CASE Metal, octagonal; statuary bronze lacquer finish with bronze finished pendant resetting knob.  ILLUMINATION Metal "Goose-neck" lamp: statuary bronze finish.  7 1/2 watt bulb.  DIAL Light grey background with black characters on light cream numeral band.  CORD Furnished with 8 ft. brown art. silk cord attached, bearing Underwriters' Laboratories Label.  HEIGHT 14"  WIDTH 14"  DEPTH 3"

What a great design.  I can almost see the boss coming into the Telechron model shop at 4:05 on a Friday asking for a lighted commercial clock.  The engineers, in disgust, grab a 1F312 and a gooseneck lamp off the desk saying, "Fine.  He wants a lighted clock.  No trouble at all..." drill, drill... hammer, hammer...  Voila! The 1L312 with time to spare yet!

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