2F01  The Consort

CONSORT is designed for kitchen or bathroom wall.  It will time a three-minute shave or a three-minute egg with equal ease and accuracy.  Chrome-plated case with molded bezel in choice of green, ivory, blue, white, black or red, $4.95

The colored bezel is an early plastic called beetle .  The case is chrome plated brass and is interesting in that it also doubles as the movement's front plate.  These clocks are notorious for having a clutch that often slips.  The green one is mine.  When I got it, the case was ruined so I had to have it stripped down and re-chromed.  Somewhere I have the "BEFORE" picture.  I'll have to show it to you one day.  I got it and my refinished Tempo  in the same box of junk clocks for pocket change.  I love this hobby.

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Mmmmmmmm!  Chromey... Plenty of room inside for strain relief