2F02 The New Hostess

Kitchen model, wall type.  Moulded case in (at one point in the 30's) ivory, black, green and red.  Case back and bezel ring of gleaming Nicral.  5-in. cream lacquer dial on all models.  Detachable hanger(??).  Pendant reset.  Movement--silent.  6-foot attached cord.  Back of case so arranged as to permit the cord to be coiled out of site.  Height 7 1/2 in.;  width 7 1/2 in.; depth 2 1/4 in. This clock has Underwriter's Laboratories approval.  The cord set is made from approved and labeled cord.

Don't look for a sweep hand with the half moon as you see above.  Early models had the split-feather type.  It's interesting that the model number stayed the same (with an 'F') for years after it started coming with an H rotor.  The clock was not redesignated '2H02' until 1948 when the metal back was replaced with plastic.  I'm pretty sure very few came with a Nicral rear.

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