Available only as a General Electric model.   2F06 The Kitchen King or Kitchen Hostess

A pleasing new wall-type kitchen clock of modern design, furnished in colors to harmonize with any surroundings.  Metal case encloses a self-starting, sealed-in-oil movement of dependable accuracy.  Convex crystal, chrome bezel.  Black hands and chrome sweep second hand.  Dial, 5 inches diameter with easily read, black Arabic numerals.  Six-foot, all-rubber cord set.  Colors: black, ivory and green.

That's my Kitchen King above.  When I got it, it was painted with institutional green wall paint (formerly ivory).  I used black epoxy paint and brother, it looks swell.  By 1939, these were called the "Kitchen Hostess " and at one point that year anyway, they were only sold in chrome.  Definitely my 2nd favorite kitchen clock right after the Stewardess.

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