2H07  The Buffet

"Buffet" is an attractive clock, designed to grace the wall of your kitchen or bath.  The plastic case may be had (in 1938) in ivory, green, white, black or red.  The black numerals are on a cream background.  Like all Telechrons, it is powered with the famous self-starting Telechron motor, sealed in oil for quietness and long life.

My dear, departed Grampie picked up that black Buffet above for me at a yard sale (October 2000) for just a quarter.  It was probably replaced by a yellow 2H27, since that was the box it was in when he found it.  It's not uncommon to find working Telechron kitchen clocks residing in their replacement's box--a testament to their strong constitutions.  Buffet came in more colors than a bag of M&M's.  By the end, (2HP07), they were only coming in red or ivory, had a riveted movement with no reset signal and a masonite back.  I believe it was the most popular and longest-lived Telechron model of all.
Production of the Buffet was suspended for the War but resumed later.
back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 2H08 Garcon

All-original, first-generation Buffet  ready for re-assembly.  Here's what a 1937 Buffet  had that a 1950's Buffet  didn't:  Beetle case and back, NICRAL bezel, rayon cord with bakelite plug, early H rotor with wings and solid brass spreader posts, screwed-together movement (as opposed to one staked together), two-tone dial (no red hash marks), nickeled, straight-knurled set knob (missing from this photo--I always forget something), extra lock washers for the rear case screws (totally unnecessary but original) and finally, the split-feather sweep hand.  Actually, the sweep hand was the first thing to go; if your Buffet has one, it's OLD. Back together.  I got this jewel at the flea market for $10.  It wasn't even dirty inside and the lady selling it says it was running when she took it off the wall.  (I did clean it anyway.)  Amazing.