Available only as a General Electric model.   2H08 The Garçon

Self-starting--just plug it in--requires no winding.  Requires no oiling--sealed in oil mechanism--rotor unit is sealed in a lifetime bath of oil.  Attractively styled, durable steel case--available in four pleasing colors--white, ivory, green and red (this was in 1945) silver-colored bezel.  Easy-to-read dial, 5 inches in diameter--cream white background with black characters and minute dots--protected by curved glass crystal.  Distinctive hands--storm blue hour and minute hands--vermillion sweep second hand.  Long-lasting G-E quality cord set, Underwriters' approved.  Dimensions--width 7 3/4 inches, height 7 3/4 inches, height 2 1/4 inches.  60 cycles, 110-125 volts is standard.  Clocks of other frequencies or voltages will be supplied on special order.  Standard shipping quanitity--6 units.

Production of the Garcon was suspended for the War but resumed later.
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In 1940, GE introduced a bronze Garçon for the den with different hands and dial.