Available only as a General Electric model.  3F04  The Vivienne

Modern in design yet harmonizing with furniture of any period.  Case of satiny, striped mahogany with base of zebrawood.  Ivory dial.  Gold, telescope-type bezel, black, arabic numerals, black hands, gold sweep second hand. Red spot in dial signals if current is interrupted.  Height 5 3/8" Width 9 1/8" Depth 2 1/4$7.95

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 3A05

Here's mine.  It's not only had a complete refinishing but the two little feet on the bottom are replacements.  A couple of wooden dowels is all they are anyway.   Cheaper to get stuff on Ebay when it's all wrecked.  You just need a little confidence in your refinishing skills.  I'm really happy with how this clock came out.