Available only as a General Electric model.   3F52 The Petite

Small upright model for boudoir, desk, etc.  Black moulded case with chrome-finish feet and bezel ring.  Also available in ivory with gold trimmings; Chinese red with chrome.  3-inch light ivory dial.  Black modern Roman numerals. Movement—silent.  6-foot attached cord. Height, 4 3/4 in.; width, 3 5/8 in.; depth, 2 in.  Gross shipping weight, 2 lbs. each.  Standard package of 12, 24 lbs.  This clock has Underwriters' Laboratories approval.  The cord set is made from approved and labeled cord.

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Here's mine.  I polished the dickens out of this guy even though it has cracks in five places.  I tried my best to make it all solid with epoxy but the front is really a mess (you can do a lot with photography!)  This little one definitely took a header at some point in it's life.  A former owner did a passable job putting it back together and replaced the F rotor and it ran until the replacement H rotor died.  I plopped in another H rotor that should last forever as I don't plan to run this one myself.  Rest easy, old timer.