3F53  The Daphne

CASE — Moulded Catalin — natural buffed finish in the following colors: GREEN, IVORY, BLACK, RED, ROSE QUARTZ.  Three inch, metal, ivory lacquer finish dial with dark blue numerals.  Gold color finished bezel.  Furnished with 6 ft. Art Silk Cord attached.  HEIGHT 3 5/8 , WIDTH 4 3/16", DEPTH 2 3/16".  Unit shipping weight, 2 lbs. (packed).  This clock packed 12 to a Standard Package.  Std. Pkg. shipping weight, 30 lbs.  The "DAPHNE" Model comes packed in a new, colorful "set-up" box,—most appropriate for dealers' window and counter display.

The hands come from the Duke. The dogtag was just a sticker. The Daphne up there on the right isn't an artist's concept but the catalog shot of the legendary Clear Daphne. As the name suggests, that Daphne had a transparent case and nickel-plated parts. Good luck finding one!

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Two ivory-now-butterscotch Daphnes. The one on the right carries a unique dial (I can't find it on any other model) and showed up on Ebay in 2012.

Our friend, D. Nutter gives us a glimpse at his Daphne collection.  Notice the difference in hue between the two green ones.