Available only as a General Electric model.   3F54 The Little Hostess

A smart model that stands up.  For kitchen, bedroom, desk, etc.  Beetleware case—choice of green, ivory or black.  Green and black models have chrome bezel ring, decorative edge and feet.  Ivory model, gold finish trimmings.  3 1/2-inch cream enamel dial.  Black Arabic numerals.  Movement—silent; self-starting synchronous.   6-foot attached cord, maple for ivory and green, silver gray for black model.  Height 5 1/2 in.; width 5 in.; depth overall 2 in.  Gross shipping weight 2 lbs. each.  Standard package of 12 (one color) 24 lbs.

Same scalloped design as the New Hostess but much smaller.   One of the rarest of the 3-series in green, black or ivory.  The black one probably has silver hardware but I don't know if I've ever seen one.  This one is old enough to have braided, "maple"- colored cord.  I've now lived long enough to buy braided rayon cord in almost any color I need (which is better than the alternatives).

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3,016,000,000 Feet of Fine Copper Wire Used By Warren Telechron Co., Annually

OVER 100,000 pounds of copper  wire of approximately the diameter of a human hair will be used by the Warren Telechron Company in Ashland, Massachusetts, in the construction of coils for its synchronous electric clocks this year.

THIS wire, which averages about  28,000 feet per pound, adds up to a total running length of 3,016, 000,000 feet and if stretched out in a single length would encircle the globe 23.2 times. 

From Wire and Wire Products 1937