3F55  The Newberry

A large and ever-popular Colonial design.  MAHOGANY  (3F55-M)*  polished lacquer finish case with relief ornament.  6 1/2" high, 6" wide, and 2 3/4" deep.  An outstanding bargain in a quality clock for mantel, desk or table.
*"Newberry" is also made in Maple, polished lacquer finish case (3F55-MP)

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Here's my $5 Newberry (maple).  I found it keeping time on the cash register at an orchard store one happy day.  The clock had gotten wet during some point in it's life.  Very wet.  The veneer had lifted and the steel parts within were covered in rust.  The reset signal was a total loss and the bright, shiny bezel you see above used to be green!  Somehow the dial avoided any fatal corrosion.  This was a tough, tough restore but those always turn out to be my favorites.
Before and after pics of the Newberry that's in the Telechron Book.  I didn't learn until later that the ornament should be stained the same color as the clock.  Oh, well!