3F65  The Iris                               (photo courtesy George F.)

IRIS is a dainty occasional clock.  The glass case is of rose or blue, with a mirror finish.  Modestly priced at $5.95. Mirolarm  has the same design, with an alarm, and is priced at $6.95.  A charming choice for bedrooms.

Came with either blue or rose mirrored glass.  Yes, that's right, rose.  Every Telechron or G.E. clock you see with peach-colored glass was once pink or "rose".  Don't axe me the chemistry at work there.  If it weren't for crib notes, I'd still be in Miss Donahue's Chem. 101 class.  The first one of these I ever fixed, I was in a rush for some reason and I violated the principal rule of electric clock repair: unplug the thing before you go poking your fingers inside.  I touched one of the poles --ZZZAP !  and tossed the clock like a frisbee across the kitchen.  This clock must have a guardian angel because all I broke was the crystal.  The mirror was fine.  (whew...)

                    of this model was suspended due to the War and never

back to the Golden Age of
                      Telechronto the 3F66 Concord


Surprise! Iris emerges from hiding 60+ years after it was made. Note the "maple"-color cord, impossible to find now.