Available only as a General Electric model.   3F74 The Duncan

Always on the lookout for new and interesting materials, as well as new and interesting designs, General Electric offers the Duncan.  The striking square case is of catalin in a choice of black or navy blue.  The dial is ivory, 3 1/2 inches in diameter with black hands, Arabic numerals, gold sweep second hand bezel and ball feet.  Selt-starting, synchronous movement assures positive accuracy.  Sealed-in-oil rotor unit assures long, trouble free service.  Six-foot, all-rubber cord set.

Width 4 3/4"  Height 5 1/8"  Depth 2 1/8"    $3.95

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 3H76 Ithaca

Wish you could find a blue one?  Settled for a black one?  Don't be too sure!  That blue Fiberlon turns a very convincing black after 60 or so years.  Hold yours up to a strong light.  See blue?  You're a winner!  If you'e willing to polish and polish (ok, a little fine grit sandpaper helps--then more polishing) you can turn what you thought was a black Duncan to blue.  In fact, I have a theory that MOST of these were sold in blue.

AMAZING!  Yes, I still need to polish it a little more (my arms hurt!) and yes, I took the movement out first.
Click HERE to see this clock fully polished and fully blue.

The clock on the right is something pretty special.  It's an actual promotional clock given away by John Kelly Brick work.  That's not really the interesting part; John Kelly the bricklayer was Grace Kelly's dad! (This is one of the very few authentic 3-series ad clocks).