4F05  The Gracewood                     

The first of three clocks to go by this name.  Mahogany with a cherry base.  It was officially known as a "tambour" but that's like calling the 4F53 "colonial".  The photo above was taken of a 4F05 I refinished.  I gave it away the same day it was ready (Memorial Day 2001).  At least I still have the pic...

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 4F06 Londonderry

Here's the rear (nice, eh?) 

Here's what the clock looked like when I got it. eccccchhhh!

 TELECHRON TIDBIT  Beautiful Woods in Beautiful Telechron Clocks- Wood stands as a symbol of individuality.  masters craftsmen and designers are applying its charming soft effects now in a way that appeals to the modern minded.   The Telechron clocks below illustrate wood as an expressive medium for quiet dignity and charm.  Top row, "Gracewood," $8.95; center row; "Pharaoh," $9.95; bottom row, "Airman," $6.75.  To achieve desired effects, Telechron journeys far afield for materials and uses such woods such as maidou burl, lacewood, Brazilian roseweood, Burma Padouk, Prima Vera, etc, etc.  Mahogany, walnut and maple are style leaders today and are used extensively in Telechron designs.  Many famous furniture styles; --Queen Anne, Duncan Phyfe and Chippendale, were fashioned from wood.  It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that furniture experts should currently report that wood is rapidly finding its place in the fast growing modern trend in decorating and furnishings.  Like Simon Willard, who built his famous early American banjo clocks of wood, --present day Telechron Clocks  are offered in a fine variety of wood designs, as well as other modern materials.