4F52  The Debutante

A SMART French easel-type clock of special appeal to the younger set.  Chrome or gold finish case with polished metal numeral band to match set in jet black background.  Case, 5 inches square. $6.75

The Debutante is a beautiful clock built with a ton of solid brass.  If you own one though, you're probably familiar with the clock's big problem.  The dial consists of a sheet of black bakelite with a brass (or nickeled brass, I think) numeral ring riveted to it.  Over the years, the bakelite shrinks just enough to curl up so it doesn't lay flat.  The result is the hands don't have clearance of the dial or from one another.  So as nice as this clock is, it may be the one clock in your collection you've never had running on your desk.

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