4F55  The Airlux (left) and the Airman (right)

Fresh distinctive design.  In walnut, black and chrome-- or in maple, cream and gold, $6.75.  With alarm added, $9.95.  In handsome green or white onyx worthy of your best friend or richest relation.  $12.50

The Airlux  was onyx but the Airman  came in maple (above) or walnut.   The Airlux resurfaced after the War in white plastic as the 4H55.
Production of the 4F55 Airlux was suspended due to the War and never resumed.
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My maple Airman .    I refinished the case with several coats of aerosol lacquer and rubbed it out by hand.  I reserve the right to repaint the back because now it looks like a nickel compared to the wood.