photo courtesy Pat L.

Available only as a General Electric model.  4F56

If I know my models, this would have been the 4A50 with an F rotor in place of the auxiliary movement.

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 4F57 Starman

 Telechron Tidbit - Reset Signals

Those flags behind the dials of most Telechron and General Electric clocks are called reset signals.  There were several styles but they all worked in the same principle.  While the clock is energized, the magnetism of the field-coil attracts the flag and keeps it in the normal, dial color position.  If power fails, the flag falls and shows red and if re-energized will not show the dial color again unless reset manually.  In this way, the owner can know if there was power loss and know not to trust the time.  The little ones, like the one on the left were reset either by pulling out the time set knob or (in later clocks) turning the clock upside down.  The bigger ones were set by spinning the shaft by hand.  You know, you haven't really suffered for this hobby until you've driven one of these (like the middle one) under your thumbnail to the hilt.  Yowch!!