Available only as a General Electric model.  4F58  The Lotus

An outstanding, new, illuminated model employing the use of a newly developed mirror glass dial, exclusive with the General Electric Company.  The case, which is made of Antique chrome-finish metal casting, is in the shape of a lotus leaf and is mounted on a black moulded plastic material base.The dial is heavy plate glass mirror with a Lyco finish.  The numerals and center and are etched in cream enamel with a special photographic process.  Lamp in base lights glass through the bottom edge, affording exceptional contrast and high visibility.  Exposed chrome plate hands.  No sweep second hand. Six-foot, all-rubber cord set.

Height 6 " Width 6 1/2"  Depth 3"

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 4F59 Attaché

Check out those dimensions.  This would be an incredible piece if it weren't so darned small.  I bought this model a couple of years ago and the seller never sent it.  I tried getting satisfaction through Ebay, Safe Harbor, my credit card company, the whole works. Notarized document were lost by Ebay or thrown away. Emails were ignored.   No one had any interest in helping me.  It's enough to make you a fan of vigilante justice.  If the seller hadn't been so far away, I think I would have take that $150 out of his hide.  Be careful bidding on Ebay.