4F75  The Lido

"LIDO" is a charming glass clock.  It may be had in blue glass with a mirror finish, or in black Carrara glass.  The Roman numerals are etched on the numeral band.  The simple design is effective in many settings.  The price of the "Lido" Is only $4 95.

The black one had neither the Cloisonné dial nor the mirror.  Its case was Cararra glass with the Telechron logo in the alternate block letters.

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I can't find documentation for any but the blue and black ones but it's sort of an open secret that Lidos  also came in yellow.  In this configuration, it looks more like the Naples than the other two.  Whenever I see something weird like this, I always wonder if it's a 1941 or '42 "Sell-whatever-we-can-put-together" model.

photo courtesy Larry F.
From  The Atlanta Constitution  24 May 1939