Available only as a General Electric model  4H74  The Chantilly

One of the most charming, pleasing and colorful clocks ever offered.  The Enameloid cloisonne dial is full of a life impossible to picture.  Self-starting, sealed-in oil synchronous motor for positive accuracy and long, trouble-free service.  Six foot, all-rubber cord set.  Height 5 inches.  Width, 5 inches.  Depth, 2 inches.  Colors, The gold-finished, easel-type frame  is highly polished, and sets off the burgundy red dial with its black numerals and gold hands.

The clock above I converted from a quartz movement back to a Telechron one.  Aside from a re-worked center bushing, it's all correct.  Click HERE to see what the clock looked like when I got it.

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