7B01 "The Autolarm" & G.E. AB-7B02                  (these are mine above--AB-7B02 on the right)

These were last "twin" G.E. and Telechron models for many, many years.  They're absolutely identical except for the dial (the AB7B02 has "General Electric" on the top of the dial with "Telechron" in smaller letters beneath.) and the dogtag on the back.  The G.E. version didn't have a name that I could ever find.  The bakelite case is sort of a deep maroon color.  Anybody who looks down their noses at electric clocks never fixed one of these.   There's got to be five times as many parts in here as in the Reporter.    Of course, this model had a light AND a 24-hour alarm. (Same movement as the Electrolarm.)  It's truly a piece of work that Telechron billed as the King of Alarm Clocks.

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