7F01  The Announcer

"Announcer" may be set to ring automatically each morning.  No setting or turning of alarm required.  No. 41 Mazda miniature lamp illuminates dial.  Height, 5 5/16 in.; width, 5 in.; depth, 3 1/2 in. Has molded black case with metal lacquered front of antique ivory, gloss finish; gold-finished metal hazel; 3 1/2-in. translucent cream color dial with black and gray numerals. List price, $8.50.

A 24-hour alarm, front shut-off and a warm, lighted dial you have to see from your bedside at 2:00 AM to appreciate.  This guy was the obvious inspiration for the G.E. 7H78.
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Early Announcers had a skeleton hour hand as above.


These are alot of fun except for two things:  The front cases are bear to paint because you don't want to get paint on the recessed  front plate or on the back.  Also, you have to be very careful with these old, plastic dials.  One false move and you'll crack them. Otherwise, reassembly makes for a relaxing night in front of the TV.