Available only as a General Electric model.  7F58 The Lumalarm

An entirely new type of 12-hour illuminated clock, incorporating the use of a mirror crystal with the numerals directly applied to the surface by a special photographic process. Hands and numerals show as transparencies against the lighted, plain white, recessed dial background. The result is pronounced visibility and brilliancy at all times. Beautiful, black moulded, plastic material case and base. Switch and rheostat to control intensity to any degree from bright to dim or off entirely. Ideal for use as night light. 12-hour bell alarm rings for approximately twenty minutes unless shut off. Blued steel hands. Nickel sweep second hand. Blue alarm hand. 3 1/2-inch, buffed-nickel bezel. 6-foot, all-rubber cord set. Overall dimensions-- 5 in. high, 5 1/2 in. wide, 3 in. deep. Standard package, 6.
back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 7F59 Squarlarm
The white ones had brass hardware.  Both of these are rare as anything.  I think
that's mostly because the paint on the flat crystal flakes off in a big way with 
nearly no encouragement.  I tried to find a perfect one for 20 years and gave up. 
I'm lucky to get the one I got.