7F65  The Aladdin & The Deputy
An ALARM CLOCK of rare distinction.  Molded black or antique ivory case.  Radium painted numerals and hands.  3" dial.
Black $5.95 Ivory $6.95
  (Without luminous dial $4.95 and $5.50)

Aladdin had a luminous dial.  For those that care, the dial numerals are shared by the Tempo.  I guess the two models were cousins.  There was no alarm version of Tempo and no desk version of the Deputy.  The model number and stuff were stamped on the base.  The base was unique in that it attached to the bottom through long, metal tabs secured to either side of the case.  Very odd.  The more you look at it, the more you can't believe they didn't just allow for a couple of screws.
back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 7F66 Dawning

A 7F65 in a post-War Imp case--just a marriage, right?  You've studied your Telechrons and this one isn't worth a second look but hear me out:  It's 1946.  Your trusty Aladdin takes a header off your nightstand and distraught,  you head to your local Telechron dealer.  See, this is still a time where getting an appliance fixed made some kind of financial sense.  Plus, you're a child of the Depression AND the War AND you happen to like this clock.  Your dealer opens his parts catalog up and sees the case for the 7F65 is no longer available but, the catalog says to use the 7H101's case.  He tells you the case has been updated and he can get you a swanky grey-green catalin case for only $2.75.   A new Telechron will cost twice that much so you order it.  Now, is this just a marriage?

No, not that Revere.  I'm happy to tell you Revere Copper and Brass  (with a few changes) is still around.  As far as the "jolting sleep killer", they must have meant the electric jackhammer in the Electrolarm!  Also I'm pretty sure I've never seen a bronze bell on a 7F65 but it makes a nice story.

BELOW:  cover of a Telechron brochure featuring the Aladdin

(scan courtesy of Donita F.)