Available only as a General Electric model  7F72 The Heralder

A drum-type, 12-hour alarm clock of unusual appearance and available in striped Honduras mahogany or black Textolite case. Rests on two gold-finish, tubular metal feet. Self-starting, synchronous movement, sealed in oil. Ivory dial with black hands and gold sweep second hand. Six-foot, all-rubber cord. Height, 4 1/4 in.; width, 4 1/8 in.; depth, 2 5/8 in.

Also available with ivory and walnut bakelite cases and 3 or 4 dial variations including a luminous one. A wonderfully simple little design that would re-appear for years with modifications both big and small.
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Textolite version with luminous 
numbers on the left.  Regular 
dial in mahogany on the right.