Available only as a General Electric model  7F74 The Heralder or Reveille

A new 12-hour alarm clock in a black Textolite or striped Honduras mahogany drum-type case, which is mounted on a square metal base in gold finish. Convex crystal. Gold bezel. Six-foot, all-rubber cord. Ivory dial has black Arabic numerals.  Black hands and gold sweep second hand. Self-starting, sealed-in-oil movement. Height, 4 3/8 in.; width, 4 1/8 in.; depth, 2 5/8 in.  Gross shipping weight, 2 1/4 pounds. Standard package, 6.

The mahogany one was $1 more.   As you probably guessed, only the bottom differed from the 7F72 (the actual model number on the clock notwithstanding). The Heralder name was in use in 1937 and I found Reveille in a 1939 catalog.

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