7F77  The Mirolarm

A new type of buzzer alarm clock.  to set alarm, turn inner dial so that time for alarm to sound appears under pointer in center of opening on hour hand.  Case, blue or rose glass with mirror finish.  Dial, 3" diameter.  Black characters on light cream background.  Black characters on light gray alarm disk.  The cream and red striped indicator resets by tilting the clock.

The alarm version of the Iris .  It's not just the 7H77 with an alarm disk--it's Telechron's first true buzzer alarm clock.  The only other model to share this movement (with the bakelite strike plate for the buzzer) is the early Dispatcher.    Although I don't go in for these mirror clocks, I am fond of this one's face.  It's one of the few that seem like the hands really match the dial numerals.   I like how the pointy thing on the hour hand shows you the wake time on the alarm disk (also unique to this model only) but it must not have been too well received.   The 7F77 was discontinued in its first year.
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Notice the two
                  holes in the movement cover designed to receive the
                  long field screws.