7H78 The Acorn and the Luminous Acorn

In this model, General Electric has achieved a new low in price for a quality self-starting alarm clock.  Available in black or walnut plastic case.  Chrome bezel.  Ivory and black dial with black hands.  Chrome sweep second hand. Self-starting, sealed-in-oil, synchronous motor assures positive accuracy and long, trouble-free service.  Six-foot, all-rubber cord set.  Height, 4 5/8 inches. Width, 5 inches. Depth, 2 5/8 inches.

That's the Luminous Acorn up there on the right.  The middle one is a regular Acorn with a paper dial.  The clock below has the common dial.  Both were offered with black or brown cases.  My gut tells me the black and white pic is of a clock without a paper dial.   That means there is likely a steel-dialed version with radial numbers too but I can't find a pic of one.
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Black Acorn with the common dial but no paint above.


photo courtesy Dean