my Sexton
7H79  The Sexton or Butler                                                          (Here's my Sexton)

SEXTON, an unusual alarm clock value. Molded plastic case in black or mottled brown. Luminous dial. 4 1/2" high. $4.95. BUTLER, same design without luminous dial, $3.95. DOMINO, without alarm and luminous dial, $2.95.


The alarm version of the Domino also available in mottled brown.  This one lacks a "kicker" for the reset signal and still uses a long-pinioned rotor.

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my Butler

This has to be my flea market find of all time:  $3 and not a mark on it!  The dial was paper on this particular piece.  Special, low-cost campaign clocks were offered during slow production times (summer and winter) and many lacked the regular, painted steel dials.The Acorn was probably this clock's companion and are often found carrying a paper dial similar to this one.