my Attendant
7H85  The Attendant & Dispatcher

Telechron quality at record low price. Buzzer alarm clock with Brown plastic case 5 in. high and 4 3/4 in. wide.
The “Attendant” has plain 4-inch Ivory color dial with Brown characters. The "Dispatcher" has luminous
numerals and hands that show up in the dark or night. Retail price of "Attendant” is $2.95; of “Dispatcher"
is $3.95.

Both came in ivory or brown.
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BELOW: 1938 version of the Attendant had a striker that sounded against a flat piece of bakelite.  I believe this clock, the 7F77 and the 8F51 were only Telechrons to try this alarm method.

1938 Continued:

(ca. 1940 version left, 1938 version right)

The case (this model is quite uncommon in that there is only a single case piece) rear was opened up to make the alarm louder.  It wasn't really necessary and subsequent versions had those holes sealed.  The case on the left is rare in that it actually carries its own design patent just to the right of the model number.  Most models weren't in production long enough, or Telechron didn't take the time to include it (the laundry list of mechanical patents is a different story).  Other differences in the 1938 version were a flat bezel, different numerals and black hands (on the Attendant) instead of brown.