8B03  The Minitman

Extremely smart, --beautifully simplified in design, is "Minitman" with its brown mahogany case, cleverly blended and matched by Satinwood ornamental front and top panels, and statuary bronze escutcheon plate.  Three, drum type dials accurately indicate hours and minutes.  Height 6 1/8"  Width 4 3/8"  Depth 3 11/16".  An ideal new-vogue timepiece for any place in the home or office.  See it operate.  Note its rugged construction.
back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 8F03 Globetrotter
That's mine above.  It's ironic that Telechron wanted you to note its rugged construction.  Mine arrived via on-line auction in pieces.  This was the best I could do to put it back together and refinish the case but it won't ever run again.