Photos courtesy Telechrony

Available only as a General Electric model  8B50  The Select-O-Switch

An all-purpose, time-switch model having a variety of novel and distinctive uses.  Switch mechanism enables clock to be used to turn on and off favorite radio programs, switch on and off lights, control percolator, flash lights to awaken deaf people, and generally act as an automatic switch for intervals of 15 minutes or more, as desired, during any 12-hour period.  Switch may also be operated manually.  Case is finished in rich walnut, with metal ornaments to harmonize with the new line of G-E Radio cabinets.  Dial has light cream background with black numerals.  Convex crystal.  Light bronze bezel.  Blued steel hands.  Capacity of switch 600 watts.  6-foot, all-rubber cord set.  Weight 4 1/2 pounds. Standard package, 2.  List price, $12.50.

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