8B51  The Controlla

One of the most under-appreciated Telechrons in terms of beauty and quality.  This shares every part save the case with the Organizer.

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Here is a many-purpose clock!  It does your thinking for you!  "Controlla" is not only a beautiful timepiece, but it will automatically turn your radio programs on and off...automatically bring your favorite radio programs, once you've set it in advance.
Use "Controlla" as an alarm clock too, wherever radio reception can be heard in bedrooms!  Let us demonstrate this unique, high quality clock and prove it's just the thing you've been wanting for years--and just THE THING for a gift.

Simply connect "Controlla" to an alternating current outlet, then connect the radio to the outlet on back of the clock case.  There are 48 keys outside the dial--EACH REPRESENTING 15-MINUTE INTERVALS.  When a key is pulled out, "Controlla" will turn on your radio for the indicated 15-minute period.  At the end of this interval, power to the radio is turned off unless the next key is pulled out.  Any number of programs may be set up as much as 10 hours in advance!