8F51  The Advisor                                           (photo courtesy yours truly)

A new style "reminder clock"!  Equipped with a special dial and hand, permitting setting of alarm in 5-minute intervals up to 3 1/2 hours!  Ideal for timing steaks, biscuits, etc.  A real servant for every home, --as practical as it's good looking.

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 8B52 Radio Traveler

This is one of a very few clocks in my collection that I paid too much for.  I only did that because they seem to be so rare despite reasonable production figures.  I can't imagine they had as high a casualty rate as alarm clocks while just doing their thing in the kitchen, yet this is another model that you can go a year without spotting.
    See the dark circle above the Telechron logo above?  That's misleading.  The window actually showed the dial color all the time but the word, "ON" was visible if the alarm switch was out.  The alarm hand always followed the minute hand at 1/4 speed but wouldn't trigger the buzzer unless the alarm was armed.  This allowed you to time things up to 4 hours (even though the dial was only graduated for 3 1/2).  Did I say, "buzzer"?  That's right!  Advisor is the father of all Telechron and G.E. buzzer alarm clocks.