CASE Moulded Catalin natural buffed finish in choice of Ivory or Black. Gold color finished goldine base and bezel. Modern design.  Three-and-a-half inch, metal,
ivory lacquer finish dial with alarm setting hand and alarm setting circle. Furnished with 6 ft. Maple color Art Silk Cord attached.  HEIGHT 4 7/16" WIDTH 4 7/16" DEPTH 3 1/4" $4.95

Okay, I know it's not in the '7 Series', strictly speaking but it's an alarm and was sold after 1932.   I was confused for a long time about that butterscotch color.  It's beautiful and everyone seems to like it best but I could never find "Butterscotch" (nor rum raisin or fudge ripple) as an option for these clocks.  Eventually, Jim set me straight explaining the miracle of catalin.  The butterscotch cases were all ivory catalin which, after 50 years in the light turns this beautiful hue.
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The Telechron Song (sung to the tune of "There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder")

With my sample case I saunter forth
    Every day at eight o'clock,
The sun shines bright, the world's all right
    'Cause I sell clocks.
Hallelujah! How the folks all flock
    When I run up to the door and knock,
They know that I sell Telechron
    They like my clocks, yes sir.
When I show them all our Telechrons
    They buy 'em by the box,
I'm shoutin' so the world will know
    That I sell clocks.

Adapted by the outside sales team of the Union
Electric Light and Power Company of
St. Louis  (1933)