CF205  The Matron

CASE — Metal, lacquer finished. Available in IVORY —GREEN—BLACK or RED. Chrome finished outer bezel, inner bezel lacquered to match case. Equipped with pendant set.  DIAL — 4 1/2" metal.  Light cream background with black numerals.  Furnished with 6 ft. art silk cord attached, bearing Underwriters' Laboratories Label.  Maple color for ivory, green and red cases. Silver gray for black case.
HEIGHT 6 1/2" WIDTH 6 1/2" DEPTH 2 1/4"  Retail price $4.50OFFERED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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My fully-restored Matron.  The only thing it's missing is the maple-colored rayon cord.  I had to get by with "white".  Click HERE to get some idea what the clock used to look like.