CF363  The Usher

CASE Model CF363-Bk. Molded black with antique ivory lacquered front plate and gold finished bezel.
CASE Model CF363-I. Molded antique ivory with dark gun metal lacquered front plate and gold-finished bezel.
DIAL 3" x 3 11/16" metal, with light cream enamel back-ground.  Black characters on a light gray numeral band.

Ain't I some cutie?

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 3F64 New Fleet
Also cute in ivory.

Walnut bakelite version with the crazy dial courtesy of our friend, Telechrony.   This is yet another version of a clock that wasn't supposed to exist.  Most of those were sold in 1941-42 and Usher  was history by 1938.  This clock has an H rotor but we can't prove it wasn't replaced.  If we ever find one with an F rotor, it's unlikely it's from '41-'42.  The cloth cord might be a clue but 2H13s were sold with cloth cords and didn't have the old GE plug.  Nice mystery!