CF451 Wedgewood    (thanks to Eric K. who allowed me to share it with you)

Notice the extra holes in the rear of the case. I think the hands must have been left over from the 560.  Not sure about the dial.  The piece I restored for a friend whose father found it abandoned many years ago in a house he was painting.  It had never worked the whole time he owned it but there were really no surprises inside.  It still had the original F rotor which was dead as a hammer. I replaced it with an H rotor and added the sweep hand.  Because the crystal was loose and the set knob hole was "enlarged", I'm certain someone had mucked up the clock before me and lost it. I'm reasonably sure it would have originally had a sweep hand like the one I gave it.  I know it's hard to tell but I added a new, old stock rayon cord and bakelite plug.  Nice piece.

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