CF769 The Sheriff or Constable

CASEóModel CF769-LBk.  Molded BLACK plastic.  Ivory color lacquered front plate and gold color bezel.
CASEóModel CF769-LI.  Molded IVORY color plastic with gun metal color front plate and gold color bezel.
DIALóMetal, 3" x  3 11/16" diameter.  Radium treated numerals on black band, cream color center.  (this is for the Sheriff now)
HANDSóMetalóblued and lacquered, radium treated.
Furnished with h 6 ft. art. silk cord attached, bearing Underwriters' Laboratories label. Black color for black cases.  Maple color for ivory cases.
HEIGHT 4"  WIDTH 4 5/8" DEPTH 2 5 16"  BLACK CASE $5.75   IVORY MOULDED CASE $6.25  (Constable was $4.75 and $5.25 respectively)

That's my Constable above.  With luminous hands and numerals, he's the Sheriff.  It was the alarm version of the Usher.  These clocks were odd in that, despite their "campaign" model number, they appeared in catalogs and brochures suggesting either they were more popular than anticipated or somebody messed up the numbering.  They do have steel dials and really no corners have been cut that I could find.
back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 7F70                    Overseer

mine mine
Officially, these were only sold in black and ivory but you can find them in walnut bakelite too.  In late 1941 and early 1942, Telechron offered a lot of walnut bakelite models (most in very limited quantities) and I think these are from that time frame. The one above has a new, old stock case I was lucky enough to snag off Ebay.  The "noise holes" under the set knobs, thinner than paper, aren't even punched out! Sheriff in ivory.

One more kind of Constable to worry about.  The hands and dial AREN'T luminous, they just look it, and that is probably unique to the walnut bakelite ones.